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6 Easy Tech Hacks

Use these easy, must-know tech hacks to keep your electronic devices in good shape – it’ll save you a lot of money and headaches!
> Refill your battery juice. Is your phone about to die and you don’t have your charger nearby? Take your battery out of your phone (if you can) and pop it into the freezer! Once it has cooled down quite a bit, let it come back up to room temperature and put it back in your phone.

> Fuzzy TV. If the picture on your TV isn’t as crystal clear as it should be, it can be from interference. Take some foil and place it between each of your electronics that are stacked on top of each other (TV, DSTV decoder, gaming box, DVD player, etc.) and the wavy lines will disappear!
> Save ink. When you’re trying to print something and you run out of ink, there is an easy tip that will save you a trip to buy more ink. Take out the ink cartridge, blow on it with hot air like a hairdryer. Once it has warmed up, put it back inside and you’ll have enough ink to finish the…

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