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How to Protect your Electronics during Load Shedding!

Do you know how to keep your electronic devices safe and sound when the power goes out?

When load shedding hits, the proper shut down process doesn't happen on our computers and other high-tech equipment – this can result in internal hardware failures, as well as corrupt program files.
And then, when the power gets flipped back on, it’s not exactly smooth sailing – there is often a power surge or spike that can completely destroy unprotected equipment.

Here’s how to protect your electronics before and after load shedding:

- Unplug all cables

It is vital to unplug all computer cables and other plugs from the sockets, as well as all telephone cables from the modem. This tip actually applies to all sensitive equipment, including TVs. It’s also important to note that using a multiplug is safer – as they have a fuse – than plugging your cables directly into the wall socket.

- Surge protection

The main thing that can cause damage to your electronics from load shedding is electrical surges. Sur…

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