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Does having your Cellphone Nearby make it Harder to Think?

When you are at work do you keep your phone within arm’s reach? If so, you may not be performing your daily tasks to the best of your ability.

This may seem quite silly to you but most of us who work at a desk keep our smartphones close by to check it throughout the day. And a recent study showed that it might be best to store it in another room when you are trying to get important tasks done.
In fact, did you know that our cognitive capacity might be lowered by our cellphone’s presence?
Your conscious mind may not be thinking about your smartphone, but the process of requiring yourself not to think about something, uses up some of your limited cognitive capacity – basically resulting in a brain drain!
Do you depend on your smartphone too much? Does the thought of leaving your phone at home or letting the battery die turn you into a nervous wreck? If you feel that you cannot function during the day without your phone then you may be at risk for lowered cognitive capacity.
Does this sound…

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