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Are you protecting yourself from Hackers?

Millions and millions of people own laptops and even more own smartphones, and most of these devices that we own have cameras in the screens.

So, we go about our business every day, signing in to our emails, logging on to Facebook and checking our most private data. But did you know that someone could be watching you while you did all this?

There is a 70% chance that you will be hacked at least once in your lifetime. Even if you feel it will never happen to you, make sure to always protect yourself!

SPAM  Hackers love planting viruses on your system using spam emails. If you don’t know where the email comes from – don’t open it!
WEBSITES  Type in the URL of websites manually. Never click on links sent to you in emails unless it is from a reliable source. 
Did you know that hackers can crack your password in a matter of minutes? Don’t let it happen to you, use different passwords for different accounts.

SECURITY Making online payments or purchases? Always ensure that it is a secure …

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