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Windy Cape Town is holding back undersea internet cable repairs

Yes, this has been the topic for the past week as some South African internet users have been struggling with slow connections since Thursday as a series of undersea cable breaks take down crucial links. A ship is ready to go out with all the equipment we need to fix one of those breaks, however due to the wind we have its stuck in Cape Town harbor!

Reports have been coming in that some SA users have lost total access to twitter as of Saturday, and yes we know exactly how we all need social media going right? As for some of us that is our business.
Repairs on one break in an important undersea internet cable will have to wait until the weather in Cape Town improves. The winds we are having are of more than 30KM/H – with gusts reaching 70KM/H have been ripping off roofs and trees let alone people have been holding on for dear life as they try and take on the CBD.
With the cable repair vessel “wind bound” some internet users in South Africa on Saturday found they had no access to tw…

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