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Avoid Stalkers and Criminals - Why using Geotags is a Bad idea

The world is more digital than it has ever been before, so stalkers no longer creep in alleys and follow you home, they use the convenient trail of digital breadcrumbs you leave on social media!

Without us even realising it, we have been trained to give our current location using things like geotags and location-tagging apps. Sure, it is fun to visit a restaurant with friends or go on a weekend getaway, snap a pic and tag your location, but at what cost to your personal safety?
When you use a geotag it reveals information that potential stalkers or criminals can use to harm you or steal from you.
Here’s why geotagging is such a bad idea…
1.You are tagging your current location
When you tag your location, you are revealing where you are as well as where you are not! If you just checked into a hotel then a criminal will know that your home is empty and unattended. If you took a picture and tagged it at your local pub, then a potential stalker can target you on your way home.
      2.Your lo…

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