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25 Apps That Could steal Your Facebook Credentials

25 Apps that could steal your Facebook Credentials. Have a read and look see on the below 25 apps that could steal your Facebook credentials. New and useful apps pop up in app stores every single day, while it’s the responsibility of the companies who own and manage the stores to ensure that the users are protected from threats some apps still manage to slip through the cracks. Trust that it’s possible no matter how secure you think you are! Anti-fraud firm, Evina has uncovered a number of android apps that are capable of stealing their users Facebook credentials. These type of apps will come out with a new sort of malware embedded within them that would create the opportunity to target the users. This type of malware is dangerous as it could effectively ruin your online and offline life. This would be terrible if you had an online business or constantly on social media as that is your source of income. Worse part is that it is embedded in a whole range of applications commonly ava

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