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7 Ways to Reduce your Screen Time

Have you been thinking of doing a digital detox? It may seem impossible, but it’s actually not a bad idea to take a break from all the negative effects too much screen time can cause.
If you’re interested in a less screen-filled lifestyle then here are a few small changes you need to make…
* Delete your social media apps

Popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can really suck you in and make it impossible to concentrate on anything else. Delete the apps on your phone and rather stick to using them on your laptop or desktop computer.
* Do some exercise

These days people use YouTube as well as workout apps to keep themselves fit. Instead of this rather head out to the gym, take a jog or go for a hike with a friend – it’s more of an effort but your mind and body will thank you in the future.
* Have a real meeting

Almost every office around the world uses messenger apps, like Skype, to communicate with clients or other employees, etc. Get off the apps and have an actu…

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