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What is a Cyber Attack and how do you Prevent them?

Cyber-attacks come in a variety of shapes and forms, from stealing your private information to taking over control of your PC and demanding a ransom payment.

The reason that cyber-attacks often spread so quickly is because they are usually hard to spot…
When you think about it cyber-attacks are enabled by our basic human behaviour – we open the door and let the criminal inside, even if we have the most secure and strongest security.
Cyber-attacks are usually classified into two general categories, syntactic attacks and semantic attacks.
Syntactic Cyber Attacks are different types of malicious software that attacks your PC using various channels.
The most common types of software used in syntactic attacks include:
> Viruses
> Worms
> Trojan Horses

Semantic Cyber Attacks are more about the behaviour of the victims and how it can be changed to benefit the cyber criminals.
One of the best examples of a semantic attack is a phishing attack. Phishing attacks usually occur when a hacker s…

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