Never buy these Valentine’s Day gifts for your techie sweetheart

With just a few days to go before the biggest love day of the year, it’s not too early to start thinking about the right Valentine’s Day gift. While it may be a bit hard to find the perfect gift for a techie, you should try to avoid these gifts by any means necessary…

The Gift Card – Gifts cards can be great, what’s better than picking out the best gift for yourself? Well, the one thing better is putting a bit more thought and effort into the gift decision. Valentine’s Day id all about showing the love, which means you should think a little more before choosing a gift.

A Light-Up Engagement Ring – Thinking of popping the question on Valentine’s Day? A light-up engagement ring may seem to be an extra special gift for your techie sweetheart, however many women would prefer something traditional that doesn’t light up!

A Pink Gaming Console – Okay, we all know why you got your significant other a gaming console, you know gaming is another love in their life. However, making it pink is not a good idea.

Outdated Tech – Thinking of buying your techie sweetheart a DVD player? Or even worse a Walkman? Buying tech for your techie is definitely a good start, but if that tech stopped being cool 10 years ago then you should rethink your gift. If you’re not quite sure whats the latest and greatest, you can always have a look through The Computer Guyzblog or give them a call today.

Stuck on what to give your favourite techie on Valentine’s Day? Don’t just fall back on the not-so-romantic or the just plain boring gifts this year.

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