What does URL mean?

What exactly is a URL? And what does it stand for? Short for Uniformed Resource Locator, it serves as the address of a web resource. Its main aim is to specify the web location from which a resource is to be retrieved.

Here’s everything you need to know about the meaning of URL…

URL stands for Uniformed Resource Locator. It is the unique address for a file that is accessible on the internet. a common way to get to a website is to enter the URL of the home page file in your web browser’s address line. However, any file within that website can also be specified with a URL.

The URL will contain the name of the protocol to be used to access the file resource, a domain name that identifies a specific computer on the internet, and a path name, a description that specifies the location of a file in a computer.

Protocol Identifier

This is the first part of the address. HTTP and FTP are examples of protocol identifiers, which indicate the protocol in use. More rightly known as the scheme, this part of the URL shows HOW to connect to the web resource.

Resource Name

This is the second part of the URL, it comprises the IP address or the domain name of the web resource. It shows WHERE to connect. The domain name may be followed by a port number which is separated by a colon. When specified, a connection to that port number is established.


The domain name may be followed by a path when a particular resource such as a file or a page needs to be retrieved. This part of the URL shows WHAT to retrieve. A URL may consist of a fragment identifier which denotes a specific location on a page. If it is part of the URL, the browser displays that specific part of the page.

Typically, HTTP is the first part of a URL. As you know, it is the protocol identifier. It is followed by a colon and two forward slashes after which comes the domain name of the resource to be located. URLs are commonly referred to as website addresses. To reach any particular website, you need to type its URL in the address bar of your browser, which then retrieves the desired page for you.

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