6 Ways to Solve your Slow Internet Connection at Home

Related imageThere is nothing worse than an internet connection that is just so slow. It could be a number of things causing the problem from configuration errors to a wireless interface issue… Here are 6 ways you can diagnose and fix your slow internet.

>> Check router settings <<

Your router is the centre of your network so it is usually responsible for the slow internet connection. Make sure your routers settings are all consistent with your manufacturer’s documentation and internet service provider.

>> Wireless signal interference <<

Wi-Fi and other wireless connections often have problems because of signal interference. Some household appliances and a neighbour’s wireless network can interfere, so reposition your router and change your Wi-Fi channel number for better performance.

>> Be wary of worms and malware <<

Worms and malware can spread from device to device through PC networks. If any of your computers are infected, they may generate internet traffic without you even knowing it, making your internet connection really slow. Always update your anti-virus software on a regular basis!

>> Stop background programs <<

Some software apps often run background processes that are hidden and will quietly use your internet connection without you knowing. Although these are not harmful to your computer, it is easy to forget they are running, so it is best to check all your programs when your internet starts getting slow.

>> Router& other network equipment malfunctions <<

Should your Wi-Fi router, modem or cables ever malfunction, your network traffic will not work at full speed. Technical glitches affect connection performance – be sure to check for faulty equipment, swap cables and test multiple devices and from there you can decide if you need to repair, upgrade or replace anything.

>> Call your internet service provider <<

Ultimately, your internet speed will depend on your service provider.  Network configurations and technical difficulties can cause a slow internet connection, so do not hesitate to give your service provider call if you ever suspect they are responsible for your slow internet connection.

Related image

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