How to be Properly Prepared before you Call Tech Support

Before you even pick up that phone and start to dial the number for tech support, ALWAYS make sure you know the details of your problem and how to explain it. The more prepared you are, the less confused everyone will be and the less time you’ll have to spend talking to tech support…

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Depending on your problem, what you have to explain will be different, however here are a few important things to always know before you call tech support.

If you see an error message – What is the exact error message on your computer screen and what does it say?

If you do not have an error message – Telling tech support that your computer just stopped working isn’t going to help, you need to explain exactly what it is doing and what it did before it stopped working.

Explain the timeline of events – When did the problem first come up and what other events have occurred?

Context – When the problem came up did anything else happen like a blue screen, smoke, a strange noise, virus warning, etc.

Troubleshooting the problem – What exactly have you done to troubleshoot the problem yourself?

Developments – Since the problem first came up, have there been any changes or anything else occurring? E.g. your computer randomly switches off by itself; an error message keeps appearing, etc.

Write all these points down and keep them on hand – when something does happen to your computer you’ll know exactly what to do BEFORE you call tech support!


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