The 5 Best Locations to Install Security Cameras

It’s great that you’ve bought yourself the best, most expensive home security camera system for your home or business, but if they are not installed in the correct places, they are pretty much useless!

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Whether you already have security camera’s installed and you’re thinking about moving them or you’re considering buying a camera system to protect your property – you need to know exactly where to install your security cameras!

Protect yourself, your loved ones, your home, your business and your belongings against potential burglars – here are the 5 best locations to install your security cameras…

1. Above the front door or main entrance way

2. Above any other exterior entry points such as a back door, sliding door, etc.

3. In all bedrooms, especially children’s bedrooms

4. In your office, as well as anywhere you keep most of your most valuable devices and personal documents/files

5. Aimed outside in your front yard and in your backyard

Make sure to make the most of your home security camera system by position them in the most strategic places – for assistance with camera installations, etc. please call The Computer Guyz on 021 110 0422 or email


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