Earthquake in South Africa - THIS is why we use server cabinets and social media

Earthquake in South Africa - THIS is why we use server cabinets and social media

At about 12:30 today an earthquake was felt in Gauteng, from Centurion through to Durban. The first thing 90% people did, was check Facebook (including me). In most cases, the theory is that if it happened, someone on Facebook will know and will have posted about it.  This goes to show how strong social media is in reaching people. All "science-type" sites had posted that it occurred 5km outside of Orkney (a small sleepy town) and reached far and wide at around 5.3 on the Richter scale. What this show us, is how people reach quickly for social media to find out what happened and why and it spreads like wildfire. 

On a technical IT level, how many people have their servers in cabinets? Had that quake been any stronger, and things fallen off of shelves and hit the server, then what? A server cabinet is there to protect your server from tampering and from being knocked around. A good server cabinet is not the most expensive thing to buy, but it if you don't have it, you stand a chance of losing your companies data. 

Which brings me to another topic, where do your backups sit? Are they in someone's drawer? are they lying next to the server? Offsite backups should always be a priority in any business. We never know when something is about to happen, rather have an offsite backup and be safe.

Things out of the ordinary, like the Earthquake in South Africa today, remind us of what we need to be on the look out for and what could go wrong!


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