Through the looking glass

You’re on an early morning cycle through your neighborhood; imagine if you could track your ride, see your progress and take a video without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the handle bars – with Google Glass you can!

I’m sure if you keep yourself up to date with the latest technology you've probably heard of Google Glass, the new state of the art computer that’s mounted on your head like a pair of glasses. As of a few days ago Google Glass is now available in South Africa, all the techno geeks and show offs cannot wait to get their hands on a pair. 

What is Google Glass really about? When you first come across these glasses they may resemble something Cyclops would wear in the X-Men comics and in my opinion they don’t look incredibly appealing, but  once you find out all the amazing features this little gadget has you might change your mind completely.

First of all,Google Glass is a voice-activated system and it is completely hands free, you could be preparing a new meal for the family and by simply asking your Google Glass to find a recipe you’ll get a list of ingredients even when your hands are covered in sweet-chilli sauce. Google Glass is created for the traveler too, whether you’re exploring on foot, bus or car, this sci-fi looking frame keeps you on track and provides you with step-by-step directions.

A long list of pros and cons could be written about the futuristic frames and its uses are clearly limited, it’s a fact though that everyone should wear a Google Glass at least once. If you’re willing to actually buy a pair, you can choose the colour, frame and design of your Google Glass, there are endless options.

You’re probably worried about the price right now, and you should be. You can buy a Google Glass in SA for a whopping fee of R26 999.00, so if you have an enormous bank balance you may be rich enough to own them.

We all see how staring at your cellphone the whole day can make you miss out on the world around you; now with Google Glass you can completely ignore the real world and not feel bad about it.

Written By: Christine Romans
Copywriter at The Computer Guyz Cape Town


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