7 Useful ways Teachers can use Tech the right way

Are you using technology with purpose other than watching YouTube all day? If students understand how to use tech in moderation and to embrace it when it comes to education, we’ll positives instead of negatives!

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Here are 7 useful ways teachers can use tech the right way…

     1.       Collaborate – Students can write and share in real-time to see what their fellow students are doing and saying about the topic, while still working on their own project.

     2.       Reflect & Share – The cloud allows students to share with other classmates and see what they have to say! This is great when it comes to swapping and sharing important notes.

     3.       Research – Tech has made research so much simpler and more time efficient.

     4.       Write & Re-Write – Tools such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word let students write and edit on the go, plus they can get helpful feedback from other students and teachers.

     5.       Make Something – Give your students the ability to make something that matters movies, songs, art, websites, games and so much more – All with technology!

     6.       Digital Record – Digital portfolios are great because they can show learning growth, like what they’ve created, written and done at school over the years.

     7.       Assessments – Digital assessments are able to show teachers exactly which questions were wrong and make comparisons with the rest of the class.

Are you using technology to shape our youth? Make sure you do with these 7 useful ways to use tech the right way!

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