9 Important Steps to create a great Website

The internet is a competitive place, so you need to create a website that people will want to go back to over and over again.

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Use these 9 important steps to help you improve your website and ensure people are kept engaged…

1 – Pages need to load fast

Internet connections may have gotten a lot faster, but there is always more data, images and content, so make sure they load as fast as possible.

2 – Pages only need to be as long as they need to be

Content for your website is different to content for your blog, etc. It needs to be short enough for people to skim through quickly and learn the basics.

3 – Pages need great navigation

People who can’t get through a page because it is confusing and difficult to use will not stick around!

4 – Use smaller images

Download speed is more important than the physical size – don’t create a website that is wonderful, but the images are too large and slows down your site.

5 – Use the appropriate colours

If you’re not careful, using the wrong colours can have the wrong effect on people. Make sure you are aware of the colour choices you are making on your web page.

6 – Write “evergreen” content

You should always work to make sure your content stays relevant for a long period of time, so as much as you possibly can, write content that is timeless.

7 – Check your content for errors

People who visit a professional site and see content that is filled with spelling and grammar errors will most probably judge your website badly and leave immediately.

8 – All links must work

Broken links are another bad sign that your website is not well maintained. Who would want to stay on a site like that?

9 – Pages would have contact information

If someone is visiting your website and they cannot easily get into contact with you, they will leave and try another site!

Use these steps and focus on making your website as easy to use, fast and user-friendly as possible…

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