Don’t let Tech Distract you from enjoying Life!

Thanks to all the technology these days such as smartphones, tablets, computers and all those other smart things, we have access to more content than we ever have before. However, this has a negative side! As a real person, tech can stop you from living your life and actually enjoying it.

Reclaim your life by being smarter with your digital devices… Here’s how to take back control.

> Sort out your Home Screen

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If you take a look at your phone it is probably packed with different apps, making it easy to simply look at it and what to tap on Facebook, Instagram or that game you’re addicted to. When you blink, you realise you’ve been on Twitter for more than an hour!

Try rearranging your screen so it takes more than a millisecond to tap on your time-sucking apps, this way it’ll give you time to think if you really need to waste your time checking notifications.

> Do a Quick Workout

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You may be thinking that after work you’ll go for a 30 minute run or a quick yoga routine, but the problem is that it’ll probably never happen. When you get home the thought of getting changed, finding your headphones, showering afterwards and then still getting dinner ready is just not possible in your mind.

There are many different exercising apps for quick workouts that can be done in as little as 5 minutes! This means you don’t need to waste a lot of time, but burning those calories will sure make you feel better.

> Put down the Phone

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If the first thing you do when you have to kill a few minutes is pull out your phone then you may have a bit of a problem. All those brief moments really add up at the end of the day.

Shrink your smartphone addiction by downloading an app that allows you to add up how much screen time you’re spending on your phone per day as well as how much you’re spending on each app. The figures may shock you at first, but apps like this can really help you change your habits for the better.

> Don’t Eat in front of the Computer or TV

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As much as you think that sitting in front of your computer while you eat your lunch is increasing your productivity, it definitely isn’t! It is more likely that you are refreshing Facebook every few minutes and watching YouTube videos. Plus your body probably isn't benefitting from staying the same position all day.

Download a time-management system that breaks up your work day into manageable chunks, not only will this give you a breather, but it’ll help you to focus better. When your lunch time comes, step away from your desk and take some time for yourself. Leave the office, walk to the café down the street or just eat your lunch at the local park. You’ll return to your workplace with a renewed sense of purpose!

> Restrict your TV time

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Did you know that the average person watches more than 5 hours of TV per day? Instead of starting on a new project or spending time with a loved one, you’re binge-watching your favourite series.

Getting control of your TV diet doesn’t mean you have to go completely cold turkey, it simply means you have to know how to limit yourself. Try forcing yourself to only watch ONE episode or even set a timer for only an hour and a half of TV time. Doing this will make sure to have time to focus on more important things!

> Cut down on your Notifications

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If you swipe down on your phone you’ll most likely find a long list of notifications that aren’t important at all. These notifications were probably automatically downloaded onto your phone, even if you don’t need these “urgent” reminders at all.

Get rid of these distractions buy going to your phone’s settings and customising the notifications for each app. What about that notice that keeps popping up about a meeting that’s been cancelled for months? Delete it!

Technology has definitely made our lives faster, more fulfilling and enjoyable, but you need to take time to get what you want from life without it!


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