Make your Cell Phone Battery Life Last Longer with these 7 Tips

One of the most frequent complaints that mobile users have is the fact that the battery never seems to last long enough. If you don’t want to get stuck in an emergency situation with a critically low battery, then use these tips to prolong your battery life…

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 > Turn off any features that you are not using. Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi are the features that will drain your battery the most because they are always in search of connections or information.

> Only turn on WiFi when there is a connection available. Having your WiFi on constantly, even when you are not using it will drain your battery unnecessarily.

> Change your screen brightness and timeout settings. If your battery levels start to dip, simply make the brightness lower and shorten the timeframe for when your phone’s screen goes to sleep.

> Switch off push notifications. Constantly being updated with emails, messages, news, weather, etc. is not only bad for your sanity, but it also depletes your battery.

> Stop searching for a signal. Should you ever be in area where there is a weak cellular signal, your phone will use battery power searching for a signal; rather conserve it by switching to Airplane mode.

> Buy an app instead of using the free version. Free versions of apps that are flooded with ads will drain your battery life, so if it’s an important app simply shell out a bit of cash.

> Keep your phone cool. Heat is the worst thing for a battery, so it can help if you take it out of your hot car or your pocket to cool down.

When push comes to shove, often your best bet is to simply switch off your cell phone and conserve the battery for when you really need it.

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