NICRO Continues to Make the Country a Safer Place after 108 Years!

This year NICRO celebrates its 108th birthday.

After more than a century of lending a helping hand to the people of South Africa, NICRO (The National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders) still shines brightly as one of SA’s unsung heroes.

Established in 1910, NICRO is still one of the largest non-profit organisations in South Africa. NICRO specialises in working to draw criminal offenders away from the courts so that they do not get a criminal record and can rather reintegrate successfully back into society instead of serving a prison sentence.

NICRO believes that crime in SA is the worst threat to our individual human well-being, social development, democracy as well as our economic growth. By using a basket of services, including crime prevention, diversion, non-custodial sentencing and offender reintegration, NICRO assists criminal offenders and contributes towards making our country a safer place.

Since its foundation, NICRO has also had the primary mission of getting involved with prisoners, encouraging them to reform as well as providing support for them, their family members and their communities. In fact, NICRO is the first countrywide organisation to help prisoners and provide aid after they have been released.

Turning 108 is just one of the exceptional accomplishments that can be added to NICRO’s amazing history. We are encouraging everyone to help and get involved in supporting the remarkable programs that NICRO offers – we can stand together and make South Africa into a safe, peaceful place!

For more information and to show your support, please visit the NICRO website -
Alternatively, you can contact the NICRO head office on +27 (0)21 462 0017 or email


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