5 of the most important things every Graphic Designer needs to know!

As a designer, the worst mistake you can make is to do changes right in front of a client. You might be thinking “cool – this will save me time”, BUT you’ll end up convincing the client that the design process is a lot easier than it actually it…

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Here are 5 important things every designer should know:

1 – Never make changes to the project while the client is there…
“I love the design, but can you make it look a bit more fun and POP more?”

2 – Always charge a price that is fair, not too low or you’ll be selling yourself short.
“I’ve been a client for years so I obviously get a discount, right?”

3 – Do not set impossible deadlines, because the client will be constantly bothering you.
“I know I only gave the project to you yesterday, but I just came by to see if my website is finished.”

4 – If your client wants a design that is good, nice and cheap, use this rule:
If it’s good and nice, it can’t be cheap. If it’s nice and cheap, it can’t be good. If it’s good and cheap it can’t be nice.

5 – Always remember to ask for the payment or at least 50% before you start – NEVER hand over your work until payment has been made.
“Is it okay if I pay this next month?”

Remember that the client isn’t always right!

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