How to provide high-quality IT Support services

In this day and age most businesses are run by using a range of tech devices and online solutions, so the IT support department is basically the support that keeps the business flowing smoothly and successfully. 

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The Computer Guyz provide high-quality IT support services in Cape Town as well as Centurion – at prices that everyone can afford!

IT support serves as a customer service system because they deal directly with clients most of the time, so what can they do to provide the best IT support services? Here are 4 simple IT support tips…

Always have a ticketing system:

The more clients you get, the more complicated it gets to keep track of what’s what, and this is why it is so important to make use of a ticketing system for IT support services. At The Computer Guyz, we provide IT support in Cape Town and keep track of our jobs using an internal ticketing system. A ticket system will not only assist the IT support staff in keeping up with the progress of the project but also the tasks that still need to be completed.

Try your best to send fewer back-and-forth emails:

Constant back and forth emails and/or messages tend to be a waste of time, for the IT support staff as well as the customers. Instead of the back-and-forth emails, take the time to write out one email which includes all the needed information, queries and questions.

Provide the specified time period:

Try your best to give your customers an accurate time frame so they have an idea of when the problem will be solved. This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but not many IT support providers take the time to send a simple email – be polite and professional and provide a specified time period if need be.

Conduct yourself professionally at all times:

It can sometimes be easy for IT support technicians to lose their cool, especially when the customer’s problems they are dealing with seem unimportant or silly. When it comes to providing IT support services, always conduct yourself professionally and be friendly – just as the IT support staff do at The Computer Guyz in Cape Town!

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