Load Shedding is back – Here’s how to protect your Electronics

Related imageThe dreaded load shedding is back and many parts of South Africa have already been affected multiple times, but do you know how to keep your electronic devices safe when the power goes out?

When load shedding hits, the proper shut down process doesn't happen on our computers and other high-tech equipment – this can result in internal hardware failures, as well as corrupt program files.
And then, when the power gets flipped back on, it’s not exactly smooth sailing – there is often a power surge or spike that can literally destroy unprotected equipment.

Here’s how to protect your electronics before and after load shedding:

> Unplug all cables

It is vital to unplug all computer cables and other plugs from the sockets, as well as all telephone cables from the modem. This tip actually applies to all sensitive equipment, including TVs. It’s also important to note that using a multiplug is safer – as they have a fuse – than plugging your cables directly into the wall socket.

> Surge protection

The main thing that can cause damage to your electronics from load shedding is electrical surges. Surge protectors are the very first line of defence for all electrical equipment, so make sure to install a surge protection device and it can help minimize damage to your electrical devices.

> Consider a UPS device

A UPS is a back-up battery for your machine when the power goes out, but it can also control the amount of power that your computer receives. When you invest in a UPS, it’ll give you a few minutes of stable power to back up data and shut down all systems properly.

> Fully charge your batteries

Always make sure that your laptop, smart phone or tablet battery is fully charged so that you can carry on working even once load shedding has hit. An even better idea is to have an emergency 3G dongle for these situations.

> Always back it up!

It is very important to back up your data on a regular basis. So, when your power goes off with little or no warning, it’s more important than ever! There is nothing worse than working on something for hours and then losing all that work because you didn't save. Saving should become a habit, and then saving your data offsite should become a priority.

Yes, load shedding is back (hopefully not for long) and it is as unpleasant as ever, so you need to fully prepare yourself to prevent any damage to your electrical devices.

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