5 Benefits of becoming a Tech Savvy Senior

It may sound a bit fancy and just plain unrealistic to some seniors, however becoming tech savvy is not difficult and it has a range of great benefits.

One of the best ways to embrace tech is to always keep an open mind and forget about any preconceived notions that technology is too complicated, especially for the older generation.

Here are 5 benefits of technology that will aid in keeping seniors healthy, safe and connected socially…

1 – Social Connections
Technology cannot replace human interaction, but chat services like Skype and social media can help keep social connections alive when visits from friends and family aren’t possible.

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2 – Safety
In this day and age help is as easy as simply pushing a button! Any senior that lives alone should always have a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) or a device that is similar so they can call for help should they ever be in a potentially dangerous or deadly situation.

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3 – Exercise
 Did you know that video games help to keep senior’s bodies and minds moving? Game systems such as the Nintendo Wii utilise games that offer recreational and exercise benefits. Tetris and Trivial Pursuit are also great games to keep the mind going!

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4 – Medication Management
Seniors may find it challenging to keep track of their medications, tech solutions can help! By setting daily reminders and alerts seniors can avoid missing medications and prevent medication errors.

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5 – Health Tracking
There are a range of smartphone apps that can be downloaded to help seniors keep important information like medical history, physician contacts, medication schedules and health conditions organised and handy.

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With technology, it is nice to know that there is a wide range of benefits, most importantly; they can always stay connected with loved ones and friends!


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