The DO's and DONT's of keeping your Tech Clean

Here at The Computer Guyz, we’ve seen some pretty dirty tech equipment. From smudges and smears on screens to crumbs and nail clippings in the keyboard!

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If you really like your tech, then why not keep it clean like the rest of your belongings?

It’s true that keyboards have about 60 times more germs than your toilet seat. The solution? Wipe your keyboard with a disinfectant cloth or a cloth with diluted dish soap on it.

How do you keep your tech clean?

Use a cleaning wipe 
Use rubbing alcohol with a tissue 
Use microfiber cleaning cloth 
Use household sanitizing wipes 
Use ultraviolet light cleaners 
Wash your hands often to keep your tech clean 
Check with the manufacturer to know which cleaning products you can use


Use a dirty sock
Use saliva on a tissue
Use your pants or sleeve
Use your breath
Use toilet water
Use wishful thinking
Lick your remote control – EVER
Submerge your electronic devices in water

So, what is the dirtiest item of them all?

The TV remote control is the dirtiest item you will find in a typical home, hospital or hotel room. It is dirtier than your toilet, handles, keyboard and light switch. The remote is a hotbed for contagious germs and viruses.

Always remember to wipe... your tech and keep it clean!


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