5 reasons IT Support Tech's might hate you

The worst thing you can do when you call in your local computer guy is waste their time; however there are certain things that certain customers do that can make them start to slowly despise you.

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Here are a few things you should know...

5. If something goes wrong down the line it isn’t automatically their fault

It is your laptop or PC; you know exactly who has been using it and what condition it is in! So, when you call your IT guy to come fix your mess up and then call them back a few weeks later and accuse him of messing up your PC, don’t expect butterflies and rainbows.

4. Don’t assume it’s going to take 5 minutes to fix

Of course removing months and months of junk from your hard drive isn’t going to be a quick job, it will probably take much, much, much longer. Why? Because I have no idea how long it will take me to find the problem!

3. Blaming someone is not important

This subject of blaming someone for the computer being broken is not important; however it will still come up. Assigning blame just to make sure that your IT guy knows that YOU didn’t mess it up should not be a priority, the priority is fixing the problem!

2. Don’t ask them to try making your ancient PC faster

So, you just bought a new computer game and it won’t work. Why? Well because your PC is about 10 years old and the best thing to do is to get a new one. No, your IT guy can’t magically upgrade it and everything will be fixed.

1. Wipe means getting rid of EVERYTHING

When the worst happens and your PC is so messed up the only thing left to do is start over and do a clean install of your OP. If your IT guy every asks you if you want to wipe your PC and start from scratch know that you will lose EVERYTHING, as in all your email, music, pictures, movies, documents, etc. Do not call them back crying that you can’t find anything.

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