Do you know what your Kids are doing online?

More and more young children are going online, so parents need to be alert and get serious about their children’s online safety.

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Do you know what your children are doing when they’re online?

In recent years, the number of adults that are keeping tabs on what their children are doing online has grown to almost 95%, however that 5% still do not know what their children do online.

Did you know that 17% of children believe their parents have no idea what they do online?

So, what are parents worried about when their children go online:

- 47% worry that their children will give out too much personal information to strangers
- 44% worry that their children will come in contact with inappropriate people
- 44% worry that their children will be exposed to indecent information

How do parents handle internet safety:

- 77% have rules that their children have to follow when they use the internet
- 63% speak to their kids about internet security and safety
- 34% check their children’s web history without them knowing
- 25% secretly check their children’s social media page

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Are your kids breaking the rules?

1 in 10 children admit that they visit adult sites when their parents are not around
4 in 10 children say that they stop what they’re doing online if their parents are watching
82% of children who’ve broken their internet rules have experienced something negative online

What do children consider to be a negative experience online:

- 29% said when a child or teen they didn’t know tried to be friends with them on social media
- 28% said when they saw a violent image, video or game on the internet
- 25% said when they downloaded a virus
- 18% said when an adult they didn’t know tried to be friends with them

Would you overreact?

- 20% of children say they wouldn’t tell their parents about a negative online experience because they’re scared they will get disciplined
- 19% are worried that their parents will overreact if they find out

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