What is a Zero-Day Attack?

Related imageA Zero-Day attack is an extremely advanced, malicious cyber attack that will target security vulnerabilities in your operating system and applications.

The weaknesses are known as Zero-Day vulnerabilities, these weaknesses allow the Zero-Day attack to take place.

If you’ve discovered the Zero-Day weakness in your system, it still may not fix the problem. Patches take time, so your network’s safety is under a severe threat, and software vendors have zero days (hence the name Zero-Day attack) to respond to the issue.

Most people rely on anti-virus programs to protect our systems and precious data, but in order for the program to protect us, it has to detect the threat and then address it. If it cannot detect the threat then an attack will happen.

The truth is there will always be some threats that will slip through a gap and go undetected. These undetected threats are called Zero-Day malware, and they lead to Zero-Day attacks.

How to stop a Zero-Day attack...

-- Always use your Firewall
Your firewall is an important part of protecting you from Zero-Day attacks.

-- Only use applications you need
If you have a lot of software, you will have a lot of weaknesses.

-- Update patches
To strengthen your systems and software, you need to always keep your patches up to date.

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