The Seven Day Digital Detox

You may joke about smartphone addiction, but it is a real issue that can lead to a person being obsessed, unproductive and unhealthy.

When you can’t go a few minutes without checking your notifications, have to Snapchat every single moment in your life or sleep with your smartphone next to your pillow then it’s time to step back and detox!

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Consider taking this seven day digital detox and see the results…

Day 1

Look through your friends list and unfriend anyone you don’t know, unsubscribe from any unnecessary email list and delete any apps you don’t use anymore.

Day 2

Turn off push notifications or reduce the frequency of the notifications on your apps.

Day 3

Resist the urge to wake up first thing in the morning and look at your phone.

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Day 4

Remove your phone from your bedroom at least one hour before you go to sleep.

Day 5

Go out to dinner, to a friend’s house, grocery shopping, etc. and leave your phone at home.

Day 6

Spend the entire day without looking at ANY social media or posting anything on social media.

Day 7

Switch off your smartphone for the whole day.

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Take this seven day challenge and pass it on to your friends!

Do you need help managing your social media so you can digitally detox? Contact The Computer Guyz in Cape Town or Centurion and we will assist in anyway that we can!


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